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Contract Manufacturing
Thermoform Packaging
Plastic Fabrication
Dibond Metal-Plastic
Plastic Trimming
Reaction Injection - RIM
Molded Pulp Packaging
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Pressure Forming   Twin Sheet Forming    Plastic Fab    Thermoform Packaging   
Clearnroom Injection Molding

Engineered Plastic Parts
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  • Pressure Forming
  • Twin Sheet Forming
  • Cosmetic Mold-in Color & Texture
  • Deep Draw Technologies
  • Sizes to 12 feet
  • ISO 9001:2000 Certified
  • Advantage: Focus on large cosmetic parts & engineered materials(polycarbonate, 


  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Worldwide footprint: Toronto, China, USA, Europe
  • Injection Molding
  • PCB Assembly & Fully Integrated Products
  • Class 100,000 and Class 10,000 Cleanrooms
  • Medical ISO13485
  • Automotive TS 16949
  • Advantage: Vertically integrated focused on high mix low volume applications;  local on site support.  
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  • Close Tolerance Plastic Fabrication
  • No tooling process involving unique tongue and groove design, heat bending and cnc machining.  
  • Polycarbonate Enclosures
  • Dibond Aluminum-Plastic Fabrications
  • Materials: Kydex, ABS, Polycarbonate
  • Advantage - NO tooling plastic enclosures

LINK to more information on Polycarbonate & ABS

LINK to more information on Dibond


  • Reaction Injection Molding
  • Low to mid volume polyurethane parts
  • Rigid and flexible foam options
  • Class A paint finishing
  • Encapsulation of metal, wood, or electronics
  • Molding of complex designs
  • Assembly and Electromechanical Assembly
  • Advantage- Low cost tooling, injection design.

Click for RIM Mfg. site

 Engineered Plastic/Pulp Packaging
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  • Leader in design; from part, print, or file.
  • High Speed Inline Vacuum Forming
  • Clamshells, Trays, Blisters
  • Contour Printing of packaging/ Distortion Printing
  • Reusable Plastic Trays
  • ISO9001: 2008
  • Link to thermoforming video: Plant & Capabilities Tour
  • Advantage: Complete in house design & toolmaking

Click for Shepherd Thermoforming & Packaging


  • 20 Years molded pulp design experience with full CAD capabilities; design from supplied parts.
  • Molded Pulp Packaging
  • Hot Press Process for higher tolerance & cosmetics
  • Kitting or custom packaging off the line.
  • Prototype options
  • 100% Recycled newspaper
  • 100% Compostable
  • Outstanding impact and part protection
  • Meets Green Dot, UPS, Fed Ex, and ISTA


                  - In Stock anti-static trays for small parts.
                  - Fluted trays for cylindrical parts.
                  - In Stock returnable plastic ESD containers.
                  - LINK to Electronics Packaging Home

  • Stock Returnable Plastic Bins

                   - Divider Bins

                   - Stacking Bins

                   - Materials HDPE, Conductive HDPE, ESD HDPE

                   - LINK to Reusable Plastic Bins

  • Stock Plastic Trays with Lids
                     - LINK to Plastic Trays with Lids

  • Specialty stock trays for cylindrical parts.
                     - Link to Cylindrical Parts Trays

  • Low Volume Custom Molded Pulp Packaging

                   - For industrial applications.

                   - For shipping of glass, fragile, and LED products.

                   - Link to Low Volume Molded Pulp

  • Reusable Small Parts Trays

                    - 100's of sizes of stock trays

                    -  Reusable HD trays with compartments

                    -  Disposable shipping trays with compartments.


ECP supplies technical sales and customer support for World Class, ISO 9001 certified companies; specializing in a variety of custom manufacturing processes.  By working with us, you are buying directly from the manufacturer with no middle man.  This allows you to utilize complete engineering support, design assistance, and best pricing.  See Who We Are section for details.
Contact information
Complete design and engineering support on all lines direct. Contact us for more information on the processes, samples, or a quote.  We would be happy to stop in and review your application in person.  Serving NY, PA, CT, MA, Ohio, and Ontario Canada.
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